It's coming very soon!!!

Lately,I mentioned about my shooting work for my friend Oscar,

His new recipe book is finally almost done!!

We spent so much time to make sure everything is fine.

And YES!There you are!!!

We both are excited even the book dose not publish yet.

But I really really wanna show some pictures with you guys:)

The first picture upon this article is my favorite one.

That day Oscar cooked The Chinese beef noodle,

Thai chicken salad and Banana cake with yoghurt.

I love the way I decorating this Caramel Apple Crepes with blueberry and ice cream.

We couldn't find any cool apron for Oscar,

so we decided to make one for him.

The jeans combine with leather details.

That is great design for man,much cooler than wearing woman's apron:P

And embroidered his name on the apron.

The book will be published in May 2013 in TWIWAN!!!

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