The soul of Seoul.(include a street snap in Seoul)

I went to Seoul for business in October.

Still busy but really enjoyed this trip.

We had fine dessert and yummy food everyday!

And this outfit all from my crazy shopping at Dong Dae Mun in first day.

And this is first time I took street snap abroad.

It's a sunny beautiful day that I can't forget.

Black n white check top is a little bit dramatic.

Love the short blue skirt,It's so bright and cute.

Anyway I love this outfit.

I found this pretty girl at Seoul station.

Adore she's outfit ,I asked she about I wanna take picture for my street snap.

And she said YES!!

But I'm so sorry to forgot asking her name>_<

I whis that she'll find my blog and tell me her name.

 Hope you all like it:) 

Please HYPE my look,If you like it.

Every hype means A LOT to me!!!

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