The early fall mood.

It's a long busy summer.

And the weather was hotter than ever!!!

I'm glad that It's Fall finally.  

This's my first Fall Look:)

The cat print items are so popular in the past few years.

But that's my first cat print items.

Love the fabric,but the pattern is not so good......

Anyway,I love cat<3

The floral print is popular in this season as well.

I love this one because the colors of fall style.

You can see that It's kind of oil painting print,if you look closer.

so vivid and pretty!

Outfit Info.

Cat print shirt:A shop in Taipei.

Print Pants:ZARA KIDS.

Shoes:A Shop in Taipei.

Hope you all like it:) 

Please HYPE my look,If you like it.

Every hype means A LOT to me!!!

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