Ready for a great Summer vacation.

I probably bought hundreds of shorts in the last couple of months.

No,Just kidding!

But I'd never bought so many shorts in Summer before this year.

It may be the hottest summer for Taipei,

97 degrees Fahrenheit in May!!! Can you imagine that!!!

 I start to plan a vacation because of the hot temperature.

And this outfit will be one of my future vacation outfit list.

Outfit Info.

Top:A Shop in Taipei.


That floppy straw hat & bag are my favorite items.

They are best accessories for the tropical style!

But I won't wear the high heeled sandals in my real vacation,

Nobody wanna fall down at a beach,that's embarrassed.

I'll choose flat sandal:)

And I adore that top so much<3

It's full of retro detail.

Do you prepare for a great Summer vacation too?Have fun!!! 

Hope you all enjoy it:)

Please HYPE my look,If you like it.

Every hype means A LOT to me!!!

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