I miss New York city.

Outfit INFO:

T-shirt : ZARA Girl.

I always get sick in May every year.

It's sort of love sick,Because I miss New York city SO much!

The street,the food,the shop & store......nearly everything!

Last weekend,I pretended that I was in NYC.

Picked up the NYC-shirt and thought about a Brooklyn adventure.

I fell in love with Williamsburg when I went there of the first time.

Many unique shop and people there.

And there are many people wearing cozy & cool outfit.

I chose cozy style to wore.

I wore the cheery print handkerchief as a scarf.  

 The printed Culottes is my favorite of that outfit. 

Sky blue seems to feel cooler.

And the pattern shape looks good for body curves,

makes legs looking thinner.

Beautiful sunshine,

It's such perfect day for picnic at the Coney Island. 

Simple tote bag is my favorite item as well!

big size suits any where you wanna go.

Hope you all enjoy it:)  

Please HYPE my look,If you like it.

Every hype means A LOT to me!!!

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