A laundry day.

Geeeeeee,I wish I had enough time to update blog faster!

Can't believe my last outfit-article posting about 10 days ago.

Writing english article is a little bit hard for me,but I still want to try.

So~~~~~This outfit is quite simple.

I have been dreaming of taking picture in a laundromat for a very long time 

Until I bought that striped shirt dress.

Outfit Info.



I know the shirt dress is pretty normal,

but this shirt dress has different detail.

And no one doesn't love the baby blue with white stripes.

Many fashion magazines have been taking the laundry pictures.

I don't know about the other countries,

but there are many pretty laundromats in Japan.

I have been to Japan many times in my life,

Their laundromats make me feel Amazing.

Clean,pretty and cozy,

you don't even notice you are in a laundromat some times.

Unfortunately I'm living in Taipei.

smaller than Tokyo,but no pretty laundromat exist.(sigh)

I think this one is the best I can find.

Love this picture so much because of the soft tone and my messy hair.

I guess the laundromat kind of a symbol of the city.

All buttons hide inside. 

And I also love that green socks!

That socks made every thing brighter.

The ECO market rectangle bag is buying from Tokyo's ZAKKA store many years ago.

It can roll up and button up.Love the fabric!!

Wish you'll love this outfit,

I took a very short Video under here:

And Please HYPE my look,If you like it.

Every hype means A LOT to me!!!
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